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C3BSH-ATH2 Hydraulic Power Pack is designed to be associated with hydraulic calipers type TH, SH5 and SH9. It is fitted out with an electrical unit type ATH2, a 4L oil tank, a hand pump and a 0.37 kW motor.

Many options are available : Special voltage motor, tight power pack for iron and steel industry, delayed braking, enhanced security return circuit,braking torque adjustment, stepped braking torque and lowering device.

Tank 4 L
Max. pressure 180 bars
Weight without oil: 27 kg

Product Features

Options CE1L:

  • Hand pump with manometer
  • Enhanced security return circuit by 2 solenoid valves
  • Electrical indicators of oil temperature and minimum level
  • Caliper closing with stepped braking torque application
  • Caliper closing with progressive braking torque application

Options CE8L:

  • Motor with special voltages.
  • EV coils voltage different from the standard
  • Electrical power unit integrated to the HPP.
  • Enhanced security return circuit by 2 solenoid valves.
  • Manual lowering with a dead man safety device.
  • Manual lowering with overspeed safety by solenoid valve.
  • CS2EV Monitoring device of the 2 solenoid valves,
  • Regulated braking or the lowering of the load.
  • Indicator switch of the position of the control valves
  • Visual or electrical clogging Indicator
  • HPP for «iron and steel industry
  • Electrical indicator of the oil level in the reservoir
  • Drip tray for hydraulic unit mounted horizontally
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