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Protected against adverse environmental effects in their respectiveapplications, Series SDB have precisely tuned safety functions.In hoisting and travelling drives, our SDB keep construction machinery safely in place and retain the rotary drives in required position, precisely.

The brake permits easy adjustment of the braking torque with a precise scale control. Our brake carries asbestos free lining padsand offers further additional options on demand.

Product Features

  • Maintenance free, self lubricated bushes at main hinges and sliding joints
  • Brake shoe auto-aligning device and easy to change
  • Galvanized steel spindles and hinges
  • Automatic wear compensation
  • Glued lining pads and aluminium lightweight brake shoes according to DIN 15435
  • Optimised FEA tested design for reliability
  • These brakes are built as per DIN 15435 and Thrusters are built according to DIN 15430. The optional drums are built as per DIN 15431
  • Assembly with drums Ø 160 to 710
  • Braking torque from 80 to 9600 N.m
  • Voltage: 230/400VAC 50Hz
  • Automatic lining wear compensation
  • Protection C4M
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Product Catalog

  • p-8518-sg-a4

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