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SIMAN is an intelligent system for monitoring and management of the good operation of Hydraulic Power Packs whatever their functionalities.

SIMAN is a reliable solution for safety with:

  • according to standard NF EN ISO 13849, a performance level PLd, category 2 system, MTBF = high, DC = high
  • a service life of 1 million of ON/OFF cycles

It drives the HPP motor pump and the solenoid-valves. To ensure safety, it controls the good operation of the solenoid-valves and the oil return to the tank.

For optimal operation, it monitors the HPP parameters (the pressure, the number of starting-up, the internal faults, the state of the motor contactor,...).

Its LCD screen displays the current operation, the parameters-settings and the detected faults.

Options: Inter-product communication module - ModBus TCP communication - Multiple solenoid-valves voltages.


Product Features

  • Reliable safety solution with:
    • according to NF EN ISO 13849-1standard: a performance level
      PLd, category 2 system, MTBF = high, DC = high
    • a long service life of 1 million ON/OFF cycles
  • Compliance with the EMC directives
  • Independent and complete solution: easy use
  • Compact design
  • Association with all types of Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Enable the monitoring of all the HPP operation parameters, even if the HPP includes particular features for specific applications requirements
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