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Stromag CRD® braking system brings solutions for applications requiring a regulated deceleration, such as :

  • Belt conveyors
  • Mass transports : cableways, chairlifts, funiculars
  • Passengers elevators, ex.: Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  • The CRD braking system is composed of :

    • a CRD® module which can be integrated in a AFR5 enclosure
    • disc brakes
    • a Hydraulic Power pack
    • speed tachometers

    associated in a closed loop.

    The required rate of deceleration is set on the CRD® module and deceleration of the equipment is regulated by the control of the caliper torque according to that rate.

    The construction of the CRD® Braking System is modular and can be adapted to suit the customer requirements:

    • Deceleration is fully adjustable on-site
    • Regulated braking time may exceed 1 minute
    • Torque is controlled in case of mains power supply failure
    • Our modular control panels allows designs that fit particular specifications
    • Turn-key systems with on-site commissioning are part of Stromag
    • service: feel free to consult us for more details.

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