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AFR5 control enclosures are designed for controlling and monitoring
regulated braking systems.

They allow different braking modes:

  • Constant deceleration (CRD® module)
    ex. : Cableway : Pic du Midi (Bagnères de Bigorre)
  • Constant deceleration and speed regulation (CRD® module)
    ex. : Passengers elevator : Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Normal operation (AoN) and speed regulation for load lowering
    (CRV® module)
    ex. : Steel industry ladle crane : HKM (Deuschland)

They can be designed to ensure a safety performance level up to PL d
to the braking system.

They can include:

  • an Ethernet line towards the customer PLC.
  • the braking management in case of power supply loss or regulated braking fault.
  • the speed monitoring (SIDEOS).
  • the control of standby brakes or/and Hydraulic Power Packs to ensure the operation continuity in case of failure of one part of the braking system.
  • a Human Machine Interface or Module

Product Features

Here is, for example, the diagram of the AFR5-HKM enclosure: All or Nothing braking - Load lowering - Performance level PLd - Standby brakes - Data transmission to the customer PLC via ProFibus and secured ProFiBus.

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