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The Stromag IGE...FG is a highly flexible rubber coupling with a progressive characteristic. It is ideal for the transmission of high torques with its particularly compact design and light weight.

The Stromag IGE...FG coupling is ideal for absorbing large impact torques due to the use of rubber elements with embedded extremely strong fabric. Large alternating torques are also permitted, as the damping heat is easily dissipated via the space between the individual elements.


  • The Highly Flexible Couplings for Cardan Shafts is designed for applications with piston engines. The outer part can be bolted directly to the flywheel of an engine. The cardan shaft is flange mounted to the B-side of the coupling.
  • Other application fields are railway industry and engine test cells.

Product Features

  • Highly flexible rubber coupling with a progressive characteristic for connecting a cardan shaft directly to a diesel engine.
  • Deflection angle of the cardan shaft of up to 5°.
  • The radial and axial forces generated by the cardan shaft are absorbed by an internal plain bearing and transmitted to the engine bearing.
  • Torque range between 4000 Nm to 25.000 Nm.
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