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Functionally safe in wind and weather

The B2F-B brake type meets the highest demands to durability and robustness. Build and inspection of the brakes as per DIN VDE 0580. Based on the basic module, the brake offers a wide range of options for many different applications in drive technology. With its compact design and high wear resilience, the brake guarantees for high durability.

The B2F-B serves to safely hold loads and to brake moved masses in drive technology.

  • The B2F-B is a Spring-Applied Electromagnetic Double-Face Brake that brakes when powered down and releases electromagnetically.
  • The brake works according to the “Fail-Safe” principle.

Product Features

  • Torque range 40 – 400 Nm
  • Protection class up to IP 65
  • Modular brake optimised for applications in rough atmospheres
  • Simple, concentric attachment to the drive, without separate foundation
  • Safe, energy-efficient drive solution in closed design
  • Low wear with low torque loss across a large temperature range
  • No restoring forces by braking
  • High resistance against vibrations
  • Holding and service brakes – construction kit
  • Pitch- and yaw-drives in wind power plants
  • Standard motors
  • Compact industrial and crane applications
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