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Like the standard KHM clutch the "Smart Clutch" KHM is a robust and reliable element for engaging belt drives in off-road vehicles. Their compact design transmits high torque and exhibits a high heat capacity for accelerating large mass inertias.

The special design of the "Smart Clutch System" enables a very precise control of the slip torque with very low pressure settings while engaging the clutch. This ensures a smooth acceleration of the machinery without stalling the engine at low rpm while the clutch still can transfer high torque when fully engaged.

Max. static torque 5.450 Nm @ bar 28
Max. dynamic torque 4.300 Nm @ bar 28
Max. speed 2100 rpm

Product Features

  • Excellent engagement controllability
  • Powerful and robust
  • Low wear and noise levels
  • Torque vs. pressure graph for standard KHM and KHM with "Smart Clutch System"
  • Extremely easy to install

Product Data Sheets

  • p-8365-sg-a4
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Dry Running Diaphragm Clutches KHM 800