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WBHS Wheel Brakes are parking and safety devices that can be used as dynamic brakes in case of emergency

WBHS Wheel Brakes apply force generated by springs on both sides of the crane wheels. Oversized brake shoes with bonded friction material apply on the side flanges of idler wheels, providing the friction forces, and thus, braking capacity.

Designed as parking brakes to be applied when equipment comes to a full stop, WBHS wheel brakes can be also used as dynamic brakes in an emergency situation. By applying spring force directly on the wheel flanges, they minimize the amount of stress and strain otherwise placed on sill beams and truck assemblies of a crane.

Product Features

  • Spring Set – Hydraulic Release
  • Flow control valve installed on the brake for the controlled setting time 3 to 30 seconds
  • Self-lubricating bushings and stainless steel pins on all pivot points
  • Proximity switch for release indication signal
  • Brake shoes easily removed and replaced
  • Made with high quality structural steel
  • Nominal retracted clearance 1mm per side. Recommended maximum clearance 2mm per side
  • Equipped with shoe alignment device
  • Supplied with release nut for mechanical brake release
  • Operated and released by Hydraulic Power Unit HP
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WBHS Wheel Brakes