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RRBS Retractable Rail Brakes are the obvious choice especially for modern high speeds cranes

RRBS rail brakes are designed to clamp on both sides of a rail. They are spring set and hydraulically or electrically released. They are designed to release and retract fully above the rail head. This eliminates mechanical guiding means at rail level. So there is no wear and tear to guide means, brake shoes or the rails head itself. The RRBS rail clamp mechanism is top supported and float laterally with ease. All the features of these brakes allow reliability and low maintenance.

Product Features

  • Simple single cylinder solution that lifts all the critical components completely free of the rail
  • Serrated shoes protected from hitting the rail sides, no wear and tear to guide means, brake shoes as well as rail head itself
  • No need for lubrification points for the floating mechanism
  • The effect of the vibrations on the rail clamp mechanism during crane travel is minimized
  • Floating mechanism allowing compensation of horizontal ±25mm and vertical ±25mm rail deviation (more available upon request)
  • Top mounted hydraulic cylinder with no rod connection, easily removable for quick maintenance and replacement
  • Clamp release, positioning and reserve stroke monitoring by proximity switches
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RRBS Retractable Rail Brake