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Crash effect is a physical factor to be avoided in mechanical structures. Energy that cannot be damped through cranes working with high kinetic energy and other rail transport systems leads to crashes and therefore, to damages in the mechanical structure, and thus significantly decreases the fatigue life of the steel structures.

Buffers used to damp the energy resulting from the crash in rail transport systems and crane systems working with various load capacities and in different velocities are very important for extended life of the transport system and for security.

Stromag provides solutions for damping through estimations and designs in line with the related standards and international technical reports, based on the information presented by the customer. It is possible to manufacture two types of buffers as spring supported and hydraulic as well as many variations according to energy buffering capacities, strokes and connection types. In the selection of buffers, it is important to prefer the buffers with optimum values by determining the right spring and buffering coefficient.

Hydraulic Buffers PHS
Damping force 70 - 670 kN
  • 2 types: rear or front mounting
  • 4 sizes: 063, 080, 100 and 125
  • 15 strokes (that makes 120 different models)
  • Strokes: 100 to 800 mm
  • Total length max.: 456 to 2114 mm

Product Features

  • Diameter range of 75 mm up to 175 mm
  • Buffer stroke of 50mm up to 1600 mm
  • Max. buffer power of up to 1000 kN
  • Operating temperature of -30 up to 100°C
  • Wear-resistant piston rod by means of hard-chrome plating
  • Optional mounted piston rod protection
  • Optimal throttle features designed for the specific requirements of the different application
  • Paints according to customer requirement
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Product Catalog

  • p-8518-sg-a4

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