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LRBS Rail Brakes are guided by hardened steel guides along the rail. They are designed for cranes riding on a rail with minimum vertical fluctuations.

LRBS rail brakes are designed to apply friction forces on both sides of a rail. They are spring set and hydraulically or electrically released.

Product Features

  • Rail Clamp mechanism guided along the rail with hardened steel guiding blocks
  • Top mounted hydraulic cylinder with no rod connection, easily removable for quick maintenance and replacement
  • Serrated shoes protected from hitting the rails sides by guiding blocks
  • No need for lubrification points for the floating mechanism
  • Simple design eliminates expensive replacement of profiled guide wheels with worn-out flanges
  • Floating mechanism allowing compensation of horizontal ±25mm and vertical ±5mm rail deviation
  • Clamp release indication signal provided by proximity switch
  • Simple mechanism with small number of moving parts for easy maintenance
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LBRS Rail Brakes