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Pont Barrage de Monsin dam gate refurbishment benefits from Stromag Model 660 brakes

Global demand for green power generation has meant that the need for effective water control is rapidly growing in importance. As a result, it’s imperative that dams spanning large water courses are in optimal mechanical condition. This is why contractors replacing mechanical drive components for the large gates at Pont Barrage de Monsin dam opted for Stromag Model 660 spring set, electromagnetically released calliper brakes.

Spanning the Muese River in Liege, Belgium, the Pont Barrage de Monsin has many functions. Six 27 m wide, 110 tonne steel gates regulate the flow of water downstream; while an inbuilt hydroelectric powerplant generates up to 18 MW of electricity. A road bridge that links Jupille and the Port of Liege also passes over the site. Operational since 1930, the dam is a key water control asset in the area.

As part of a €20m overhaul beginning in 2018, two of the dam gates were selected for a complete refurbishment. The mechanical drive components, which are located across three lifting towers, were an area of particular focus. Several mechanical packages were required, each containing a new gearmotor, brakes, discs, torque limiter and a coupling.

The mechanical contractor for the project, on the strength of years of successful collaboration with many of the leading brands within Altra Industrial Motion Corp., contacted Stromag with regards to specifying a highly reliable brake for the mechanical package. A complete braking solution from a single established supplier was required, with the scope to customise the design without severely impacting value. As a designer, manufacturer and installer of high-performance brakes for industrial applications – with a comprehensive customisation service – Stromag was a natural choice.

Model 660 Spring Set
AC64-50CP Electrical Power Units

Stromag recommended standard Model 660 spring set, electromagnetically released caliper brakes with the compact Stromag AC64-50CP electrical power units.

Stromag assessed the data provided by the contractor and recommended standard Model 660 spring set, electromagnetically released calliper brakes. Offering a torque rating up to 0.45 kNm, the units met the required performance level. This was supported by the selection of 175 mm diameter brake discs. The brakes were matched with compact Stromag AC64-50CP electrical power units. Designed to suit two-disc brake callipers, the power units also featured IP-66 rated enclosures to ensure long-term protection and reliability.

One of the principle challenges of the project was the assembly of each mechanical package. To minimise any delays during assembly and ensure that the installations were ready for testing, Stromag worked closely with the mechanical contractor to deliver key components quickly. By specifying a complete solution from Stromag, the contractor could also benefit from the expediency of working with a single, capable supplier. With installation and tests successfully completed, the new mechanical packages were ready to deploy the gates and control water levels.

Stromag is a leading global provider of high-performance industrial brakes. Working closely with customers, Stromag experts can specify braking solutions that meet the performance criteria of a wide array of challenging applications. Additionally, the business provides maintenance support to ensure the continued reliability of equipment.