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Stromag Series 600 Braking Systems for Dam Gates

The Pont Barrage de Monsin combination dam and bridge spans the Muese River in Liege, Belgium. The dam’s hydroelectric power plant generates up to 18 MW of electricity. Six 27 m wide, 110 ton steel gates, are utilized to control the river’s flow. As part of a major refurbishment approved in 2018, two of the six gates were updated along with their associated mechanical drive components located in three of the dam’s lifting towers. Four complete mechanical packages, each including a gearmotor, brakes, disc, torque limiter and coupling were required for the upgrade.

Based on years of successful collaboration with Altra Motion brands, the project’s mechanical contractor contacted Stromag for a reliable service braking solution. Upon review of the braking torque requirements, Stromag recommended Model 660 failsafe spring set, electromagnetically released caliper brakes. Each brake provides .45 kNm (332 lb.ft.) of torque.

Stromag AC64-50CP electrical power units were also provided. These compact units are designed to support two disc brake calipers and feature IP66-rated enclosures. 175 mm dia. brake discs were also supplied.

Stromag Series 600 Brake


  • Model 660 failsafe spring set, electromagnetically released caliper brakes
  • .45 kNm (332 lb.ft.) torque rating
  • C64-50CP electrical power units with IP66-rated enclosures
  • 175 mm dia. brake discs

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