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Stromag Smart Cam® multi-turn encoder. Our integrated top solution for the tried and tested 51 Series.

The Smart Cam® is integrated in the modular gear from the 51 Series. The mechanical switching contacts continue to be responsible for the reliable deactivation at the end positions. Additional data like absolute position on the lifting and traverse path, sense of rotation, speed, acceleration, and operating hours are sent separately via the Smart Cam® bus systems like CANopen to the control system.

Product Features

  • Integrated in a new 51 Series module
  • Multi-turn encoding without backup battery for recording absolute values and initiating safety cutoffs at the end positions
  • Easy setup of multichannel, redundant, and diverse systems in conjunction with all kinds of additional encoder systems
  • Approved to BGV-C1 (stage technology)
  • Stage technology
  • Wind Energy
  • Cranes
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