Toothed Clutches ZBA | Stromag

ZAA/ZBA electromagnetic toothed clutches transmit the torque form-fit. They are engaged at standstill. They can transmit the maximum torque over the smallest possible outer diameter from a large shaft diameter. Application fields are all machinery. The EZ Series are ideal for gears, machine tools, and special machinery. The Z Series are ideal for heavy machinery and rolling mills.

Product Features

  • Braking torque 20-100,000 Nm (higher on request)
  • Wet or dry running
  • Outer diameter 60-850 mm
  • Minimum dimensions with maximum torques
  • Torque transmission via form-fit crown gears
  • Engagement only at zero speed
  • No residual torque in open condition
  • Slight gear backlash in the guide toothing
  • Zero backlash also possible (series specific)
  • Shaft-hub clutch free from axial forces
  • For shaft separating clutches, low axial forces with engaged clutch
  • With or without slip ring(s)
  • Maintenance free or low maintenance
  • Simple handling

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