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Mechanically actuated multi disc synchronisations for use in multi speed industrial gears. The combination of friction engagement for the synchronisation phase and positive locking for the actual power transmission results in a smaller mounting space than for purely frictionally engaged clutches.

The availability of synchronisation units with a max transmittable rated torque of 27,000 Nm means that modern, energy efficient double clutch gears can now be realised on the industrial sectors as well.

Product Features

  • Synchronisation unit for industrial gears
  • Suitable for rated torques up to 27,000 Nm and speeds up to 3000 rpm
  • Short-time admissible max torque up to 45,000 Nm
  • - Also torque peaks can be absorbed reliably by the pretensioned gears.
  • High heat capacity of the discs compared with conical systems
  • - Reliable synchronisation of high inertias and drag torques
  • Precise guidance of the sliding sleeve on the hub
  • - No jamming of the sliding sleeve for reliable switching processes (design patent application submitted)
  • Large gear overlap between sliding sleeve , speed hub, and hub
  • - Reliable transmission of high torques (design patent application submitted)

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SYE 2700