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Periflex® VN Disc Couplings | Stromag

Plug-in, highly flexible disc couplings for IC engines, torsionally flexible with linear characteristic curve, ideal for diesel engine drives

Its simple flanged connection to flywheels makes it ideal for use at piston engines. Its plug-in design presents particular advantages particularly for bell-type sets. Other application fields are electrical assemblies; gensets; PTO; main drives; compressors; construction machinery; engine and shipbuilding; and general machinery.

Caractéristiques du produit

  • Highly flexible rubber couplings
  • Simple mounting (plug in)
  • For temperature critical applications "ECO"
  • ATEX certification

Fiches techniques du produit

  • (A4) High Temperature PERIFLEX® VN
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Catalogue de produits

  • (A4) Stromag Periflex® VN Disc Coupling

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Stromag Periflex VN Disc Coupling