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Evolution of the proven principle

The new Stromag Vector® coupling represents the next logical and consistent step in the evolution of our tried and tested GE rubber fabric coupling - a flexible coupling that has become successfully established on the market. The new Stromag Vector® coupling concept is based on the experience we have gained from the most diverse application fields. The result is a coupling that connects two shafts free of backlash. The coupling features a radial arrangement of segments in a compact design. This facilitates installation and removal without the need to displace the drive units. The capability of the highly flexible Stromag Vector® coupling to displace in all directions makes it ideal for applications on engines mounted on both rigid and flexible bearings. The coupling also exhibits progressive characteristics for the optimal configuration of the drive unit's vibration behavior.

Caractéristiques du produit

  • ease of installation
  • highly flexible, progressive characteristic
  • large shaft displacement in all directions
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Catalogue de produits

  • p-8363-sg-a4

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