SIME Brakes Diagnosis and Intervention

Why a Diagnosis?

Stromag puts our know-how and expertise at your service to maintain maximum reliability of your braking systems.

Our diagnostic team is made up of experts and technicians who work on all lifting applications: Steel industry, Port, Nuclear, Cable cars, etc.. in France and around the world.

Our team can carry out:
  • the installation of your braking system
  • a complete diagnosis
  • a repair in case of failure
  • a study of your system and its upgrading

Maximum Reliability Chart

Our Experience

Stromag sets up and monitors your braking systems.

Stromag has been designing, manufacturing and installing braking systems for over 60 years.

The quality of our products, standard or fully adapted to your installation, is a guarantee of reliability and performance for your installations whatever the application.

Our company offers a wide range of services to optimize your installation in the long term: studies of specific solutions, training, diagnostics, troubleshooting, renovations, but also solutions such as intelligent control and/or monitoring systems, tools (clamping force sensors, disc cleaners).

How a Diagnosis is Carried Out

Quality - Expertise - Adaptability

The diagnostics are carried out in two stages:

  • a complete on-site examination of the various devices
  • a detailed report with a synthesis for a global visibility

The diagnosis is an analysis of different control points that can go up to 45 checks for a system including the brake, its power supply or its hydraulic power unit, the disc, the coupling and all the related elements provided by Stromag (limit switch, buffers, cardan shafts, etc.).

Diagnosis Flow Chart

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.