CRD Deceleration Regulation

Deceleration regulation with CRD, in combination with brakes type 5KE, 650E, TY5, TH and SH, provides a regulated speed braking whatever the load quantity and load specificity, pulling or resisting.
Use: lowering, speed regulation ;
Applications: cableways, chairlifts, funiculars, lifts, belt conveyors, transporters, cranes, etc...


  • Steel Industry
  • Offshore
  • Mining and Conveyors
  • Bridge and Dam
  • Crane and Hoist
  • Amusement Ride and Ski Lift
  • General Machinery


  • Deceleration regulation device
  • Working temperature: -10°C up to 50°C
  • Mains power supply: 230V AC +/-10% 50/60Hz or 24V DC
  • IP55

Technical Specifications

  • Stromag France - Industrial Caliper & Drum Brakes (SIME Brakes)
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