AFR5 Power Supply

The AFR5 power supply is intended for the control of braking systems with controlled lowering of the load of a winch.

This power supply allows the opening, closing of the brakes and speed regulation during the lowering of the load.

The CRV card is used to regulate the speed or the deceleration from a given set point.

The AFR5 power supply is associated with hydraulic unit type SHPU.


  • Steel Industry
  • Offshore
  • Mining and Conveyors
  • Bridge and Dam
  • Crane and Hoist
  • Amusement Ride and Ski Lift
  • General Machinery


  • Regulation device

Technical Specifications

  • Stromag France - Industrial Caliper & Drum Brakes (SIME Brakes)
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    F-18150 La Guerche sur l’Aubois
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