HGE Worm Gear Geared Cam Limit Switches
HGE Worm Gear Limit Switch

HGE Geared Cam Limit Switches offer the possibility up to 16 contacts and also the possibility to drive
Incremental or absolute encoders driven by the second shaft end of the limit switch.
Due to the design with the contacts installed inside the cover on the left, on the right or both sides
it offers the advantage especially for tight installations in axial direction.


  • Crane and Hoist
  • Bridge and Dam


  • Metal housing
  • Large cam disc diameter 2- 16 contacts
  • Installation of incremental and absolute encoders possible
  • Cam adjustment with a gear ratio of 74
  • Positive opening according to IEC 60974-5-1 Annex K

Technical Specifications

  • Housing Material: metal
  • Degree of Protection IP: IP65
  • Nominal Revolution: 9.5 - 715
  • Electrical Rating Rating: AC-15 DC-13 see catalog for details
  • Max Input Speed RPM: 250 -1000
  • design: foot/mounting flange
  • Stromag
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