Vector® Coupling

The Stromag Vector® Coupling concept is based on the experience we have gained from the most diverse application fields. The result is a coupling that connects two shafts free of backlash.

The coupling features a radial arrangement of segments in a compact design. This facilitates installation and removal without the need to displace the drive units. The capability of the Highly-Flexible Stromag Vector® Coupling to displace in all directions makes it ideal for applications on engines mounted on both rigid and flexible bearings.


  • Marine
  • General Machinery


  • Fabric inlay for absorbing high shock loads
  • Highly-Flexible with progressive spring characteristic
  • Ease of installation
  • Large shaft displacement in all directions
  • Radially mounted and dismantled rubber element without moving the machines
  • Short assembly length

Technical Specifications

  • Mounting Type: flexible mounting, rigid mounting
  • Max Speed: 1800 - 2300 rpm
  • Static Torque: 6600 - 22,500 Nm
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