I-GE Rubber Fabric Coupling
Stromag IGE FG

The Stromag GE Couplings are designed for use at piston engines and electric drives. They can be flanged directly to the flywheel of a diesel engine. When the design allows this, two shafts or two flanges can be connected to each other.

Application fields are engine and shipbuilding; rail and construction machinery drives; diesel and gas gensets; cement mills; pumps; and compressors.


  • Marine
  • General Machinery


  • Highly-Flexible Rubber-Fabric Couplings with high power density
  • Highly-Flexible with progressive spring characteristic
  • Rated torque range 2000 - 270,000 Nm
  • Compact design (short length)
  • Radially mounted and dismantled rubber element without moving the machines
  • ATEX certification
  • Transmission of high torques
  • Electrically insulated variant available
  • Customizable torsional stiffness supported by TVA experts

Technical Specifications

  • Mounting Type: rigid mounting
  • Max Speed: 1095 - 4360 rpm
  • Static Torque: 2000 - 270,000 Nm
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