IGE-FG Rubber-Fabric Coupling
Stromag IGE FG

The Stromag IGE…FG is a Highly-Flexible Rubber-Fabric Coupling with progressive characteristics for connecting a cardan shaft directly to a diesel engines flywheel or similar.
It is ideal for the transmission of high torques with ist particularly compact design. 

The radial and axcial forces generated by the cardan shaft are absorbed by the coupling and transmitted to the main engine bearing.


  • Diesel Engines and Gensets


  • Compact design with small inner bearing
  • Highly flexible with progressive spring characteristic
  • Absorbing reaction forces coming from the cardan shaft deflection
  • Angle of the cardan shaft up to 5°

Technical Specifications

  • Mounting Type: cardan shaft
  • Max Speed: 2150 - 3900 rpm
  • Static Torque: 4000 - 25,000 Nm
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