Clutch to engage/disengage the Thruster-Propulsion-System, arranged between the diesel engine and the thruster gearbox. High torque with low dimensions and hydraulically operated.
Stand-alone version which means outside of the thruster gearbox. Mounting position in the machine room or “on Deck” as well.

Coming-Home function in case of emergency. 

KMS...THC Series has been designed for use in Thruster-Propulsion-Systems all over the world.

Various sizes are available.


  • Marine
  • Mining and Conveyors


  • No internal oil cooling necessary
  • Clutch housing on bearings for applications outside of the gears
  • Clutch in protective closed housing
  • Direct connection e.g. of a PTO
  • Long service life of the discs
  • Low maintenance, any disc wear automatically compensated by piston travel
  • Remote control capability
  • Continuous increase of oil pressure, and so shockless switching
  • Mechanical emergency operation device on failure of hydraulic oil supply

Technical Specifications

  • Max Speed: 2100 rpm - 1900 rpm
  • Diameter: 185 mm - 455 mm
  • Dynamic Torque: 1400 Nm - 22,500 Nm
  • Stromag
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    59425 Unna - Germany
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