Hydraulically operated, Spring-Applied Multi-Disc Clutch for wet operation, especially designed for the marine market.

Difference to existing KMS is, that the advantages from various actual designs are united all in one the CC series.


  • Marine


  • Outer body mounting from both side of the Clutch possible
  • New compact design that can accommodate shaft diameters 35% larger than a similarly sized KMS unit
  • High speed design compared to existing KMS designs
  • Switching heat dissipated by internal oil cooling
  • Long service life of the discs
  • Low maintenance, any disc wear automatically compensated by piston travel
  • Remote control capability
  • Continuous increase of oil pressure, and so shockless switching
  • Mechanical emergency operation device on failure of hydraulic oil supply
  • Drag torque can be reduce due to using wave springs "

Technical Specifications

  • Dynamic Torque: 1400 Nm - 22,500 Nm
  • Stromag
    Hansastraße 120
    59425 Unna - Germany