KMS Multi-Disc Clutch
KMS Hydraulic Clutch

Hydraulically operated, Spring-Applied Multi-Disc Clutch for wet operation, especially designed for the marine market.


  • Marine
  • Oil and Gas


  • For high torques
  • Excellent torque to weight ratio
  • Low mass moment of inertia
  • High thermal load capacity
  • Switching heat dissipated by internal oil cooling
  • Long service life of the discs
  • Low maintenance, any disc wear automatically compensated by piston travel
  • Remote control capability
  • Continuous increase of oil pressure, and so shockless switching
  • Mechanical emergency operation device on failure of hydraulic oil supply
  • Drag torque can be reduce due to using wave springs

Technical Specifications

  • Max Speed: 2900 rpm - 650 rpm
  • Diameter: 245 mm - 1050 mm
  • Dynamic Torque: 6000 Nm - 500,000 Nm
  • Stromag
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    59425 Unna - Germany
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