Stromag 1CA2 , 2CA2

These Safety Brakes are Spring-Applied and Electromagnetically released. They are equipped with an automatic wear compensation, ensuring a constant torque whatever the wear of the lining pads.

The CA2 Disc Brakes were initially designed to equip iron and steel cranes with heavy actuations, ensuring safety and reliability for dynamic braking. Today, these brakes answer contraints of high-performance braking, whatever the application or conditions.


  • Steel Industry
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • General Machinery
  • Bridge and Dam
  • Amusement Ride and Ski Lift
  • Mining and Conveyors
  • Crane and Hoist


  • Electromagnetic Safety Disc Brake
  • Braking by spring application
  • Electromagnetic release
  • Automatic lining wear compensation
  • Brake pads with wear indicator
  • Opening proving switch


  • Manual release lever
  • Hydraulic release
  • Manual wear compensation
  • Flameproof protection
  • Marine protection
  • Closing proving switch
  • Switch on release nut

Technical Specifications

  • Braking Torque: 3800 - 6700 Nm
  • Max Speed: 50 m/s
  • Diameter: 625 - 995 mm
  • Stromag France - Industrial Caliper & Drum Brakes (SIME Brakes)
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