This Four-Face Brake has been developed for industrial and crane applications requiring for slow running drives a very high brake torque with closed design. With a compact design and a high wear-resistance the brake assures a high durability.


  • Cranes, conveyors, assembling lines, presses with electric torque motor drives, electric gearless drives and heavy industry.


  • Amusement Ride and Ski Lift
  • Bridge and Dam
  • Marine
  • Crane and Hoist
  • Elevator and Escalator
  • Farm and Agriculture
  • Wind Turbine Generators
  • Metals
  • Gear Manufacturers
  • Electric Motors
  • General Machinery
  • Renewable Energy


  • Braking torque range 4000 - 40,000 Nm
  • Degree of protection up to IP66
  • Four-face brake with closed design
  • High brake torque in small space
  • All components with special surface protection
  • Simple assembly to motor, no carrier support required
  • Concentricity through body for tacho fixing proven reliable design with a very low inertia
  • Sealed inspection holes for air gap measuring or lining wear
  • High heat dissipation

Technical Specifications

  • Max Speed: 510 - 1300 rpm
  • Diameter: 225 - 750 mm
  • Static Torque: 520 - 44,000 Nm
  • Dynamic Torque: 480 - 40000 Nm
  • Stromag
    Hansastraße 120
    59425 Unna - Germany
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