Series 51 Limit Switches for Cruise Ship Ladder System
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Stromag Series 51 Limit Switches for Cruise Ship Ladder System

August 23, 2021 Marine Series 51
Cruise Ship Ladder System

A major global marine davit and winch OEM needed extremely reliable, IP66-rated limit switches for the passenger accommodation ladder on a German cruise ship. The 6200 kg (13,668 lb.) ladder is suspended from dual electric motor-driven davits that telescope simultaneously. The pair of synchronized electrical winches lower the ladder to the boarding deck. Then, one side lowers the ladder to the swivel platform, the other side positions the ladder down on the pier.

Limit switches, installed on both of the ladder’s winch cable drums, set the exact stopping points for the ladder (in both stowed and lowered positions). The switches ensure the safe stopping of the ladder’s cables, preventing potential damage.

Based on many years of successful collaboration, the OEM contacted Stromag for a limit switch solution. After working closely with the OEMs engineering team to review the application requirements, Stromag ultimately recommended its IP66-rated Series 51 limit switches. The customer was pleased with the selection since the Series 51 units provided the high level of precision and reliability required.

Series 51 geared cam limit switches are universal, mechanical switchgear that can map a wide range of shaft rotations to the angular displacements of the installed cam discs. Units are easy to install and adjust.

The models supplied featured IP66-rated housings that met the special regulations and safety standards that apply to passenger vessels.

Stromag Series 51 Geared Cam Limit Switches

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  • Geared cam limit switches
  • Patented planetary gears
  • Patented block adjustments
  • Large cam disc diameter
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • IP66-Rated housing
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