AP Stromag Series 600 for Dam Gates
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Stromag Series 600 Braking Systems for Dam Gates

May 18, 2020 Bridge & Dam & Ship Lift Series 600 Braking Systems Bridge and Dam
Meat Processing Line Conveyors

Robust stainless steel conveyor drives were needed for a new production line at a large meat processing plant in Guatemala. The facility supplies meat to an international fast food chain. The line utilizes multiple conveyors to move the meat in various forms from large butchered sections to formed hamburger patties.

The leading Guatemalan conveyor OEM looked at different drive solutions for the project. Ultimately, based on previous successful collaborations and superior performance results, they chose to work with Boston Gear over several competitors.

Stainless steel Boston Gear Series 2000 gear drives, along with mated 1 HP stainless steel motors, were provided for use on the line’s larger conveyors. The Model 2043R units supplied have a 30:1 gear ratio and featured special high pressure washdown seals for an IP69K rating. The combined gear drive and motor had an approx. 1,000 in.lb. nominal output torque rating. All Series 2000 units feature rounded housing surfaces along with a premium efficiency rating of 98% per gear mesh.

Boston Gear stainless steel motors are value-engineered with stainless steel housings, end bells, output shafts and conduit boxes.

Various sizes of Boston’s popular stainless steel 700 Series (SS700) speed reducers together with stainless steel motors were installed on the smaller conveyors. Washdown-duty SS700 units feature a unique rounded housing with smooth surfaces and covered hardware designed to prevent foreign matter adherence and fluid accumulation on or under the units. The internal worm is specially-ground for enhanced efficiency and lower heat generation leading to prolonged product life.

Stainless Steel 2000 Series, 700 Series & Motors

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Stainless Steel Series 2000 Drives

  • Unique rounded housing surfaces for easier cleaning
  • Output torque ratings up to 40,000 lbf-in. (4500 Nm)
  • Dimensional drop-in replacements for major competitive products
  • IP69K rated for high pressure washdown conditions

Stainless Steel 700 Series Reducers & Motors

  • Reducers are NSF International certified
  • Smooth, rounded reducer exterior prevents foreignmatter adherence andfluid accumulation
  • Laser marked nameplate information
  • World-class worm gear technology with efficiencies that can exceed 90%
  • Motors are UL/ULc certified
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