AP Stromag 2SA Brake for Nuclear Plant Crane
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Stromag 2SA Brake for Nuclear Plant Overhead Crane

April 23, 2020
nuclear plant overhead crane brake

A European electric utility company needed replacement brakes for a large overhead crane at a Belgium nuclear power plant. The dual-beam polar crane, operating on a circular track, is used in the plant’s reactor room to remove and replace the reactor head and also during refueling outages. The brakes provide emergency stopping and holding of the load on the crane’s main hoist in the case of an emergency stop, overspeed detection or power failure.

After a visit to the nuclear plant and various meetings and technical discussions with the facility engineers, Stromag supplied Model 2SA caliper disc brakes to meet the crane’s emergency, fail-safe braking requirements. Each of the heavy-duty spring actuated, electromagnetically-released brakes provide 90,000N of static braking force. Units feature lining wear indicators, opening proving switches and air gap switches.

2SA brakes are the most powerful electromagnetic brakes on the market. They have an unrivalled reputation for reliability while ensuring the safe lifting of loads. 2SA brakes are certified to meet all International nuclear regulatory standards.

Stromag 2SA Brakes

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  • Model 2SA spring actuated, electrically-released caliper disc brakes
  • Emergency, fail-safe braking functionality
  • 90,000N of static braking force
  • Meets all International nuclear facility regulatory standards
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