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Stromag SHD Series Braking Systems for Luffing and Flat Top Tower Cranes

November 1, 2019 Crane & Hoist
Luffing and Flat Top Tower Cranes

FMGru, a leading tower crane manufacturer located in Italy, needed reliable emergency braking systems for several models of its flat top and hydraulic luffing cranes. The caliper brakes are mounted on the disc flange of the crane’s main hoist drums. Brakes are also utilized on flat top crane trolleys. The fail-safe brakes are required to automatically engage when power is cutoff to the hoist drive motor during operation or scheduled maintenance. Emergency brakes are designed to hold suspended loads in place, reducing the risk of damage from falling material.

Stromag SHD Series brakes were chosen over competitive models based on superior performance characteristics and technical support. The Stromag team responded quickly to FMGru and collaborated with its engineers to ensure that optimal brake solutions were selected for each specific crane model application. Stromag was also able to deliver complete braking systems, including Type CSH hydraulic power packs, to meet FMGru’s tight production schedule.

Compact, SHD Series monospring caliper brakes are ideal for use in the restricted space available on tower crane designs. Four spring set, hydraulically released SHD brake models are available with dynamic braking forces from 11kN to 180kN. Various options are available including lining wear indicators and opening proving switches.

Type CSH hydraulic power packs are specifically designed for SHD Series brakes. Units comply with onshore and offshore tower and boom cranes requirements.

Stromag SHD Series Braking Systems

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  • Spring set, hydraulically released emergency brakes
  • Compact design
  • Four models with dynamic braking forces from 11kN to 180kN
  • Type CSH hydraulic power packs also supplied
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