AP Electromagnetic 3CA2-DH Brakes for Bridge
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Stromag Electromagnetic 3CA2-DH Brakes for Straus-Type Bascule Bridge

November 25, 2019 Bridge & Dam & Ship Lift Bridge and Dam
Straus-Type Bascule Bridge

The Noordkasteel bridge is one of many bridges in Belgium’s busy Antwerp port area. Built in 1980, the bridge is one of a side-by-side pair of Straus-type bascule bridges that carry both rail and vehicular traffic. The 170 meter long bridge has a 56 meter long center bascule section that utilizes a 1,400 ton counterweight.

After nearly 40 years in service, the Antwerp Port Authority determined that the bridge’s mechanicals, including its braking systems, had reached the end of their useful life and needed to be replaced with newer technology.

Economical Stromag 3CA2 brakes were selected over competitive models to meet the challenging braking requirements. These brakes are spring-applied and electromagnetically released in normal operation. Their hydraulic device allows an easy releasing for service operation in case of power failure. A set of the brakes were installed on both sides of the moveable bascule bridge’s gearbox to provide emergency stopping and holding functionality. Each caliper has a braking torque of 2,900 Nm (2,138 lb.ft.) operating on a 705 mm (27.7 in.) diameter disc. The brakes featured an opening proving switch and brake pads with wear indicators.

Compact Stromag Model AC32 electrical power units were also supplied for optimum braking performance. The units are simple to adjust and use. 6 LEDS provide quick fault diagnosis.

Electromagnetic 3CA2-DH Brakes

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  • Electromagnetic disc brakes with hydraulic release device
  • Economical design
  • Braking torque: 2,900 Nm (2,138 lb.ft.)
  • Model AC32 electrical power units also supplied
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