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Stromag Custom KMB Brakes for Marine Pod Thrusters

July 22, 2019 Marine Spring Applied Multi Disc Brake KMB ZM KLB ZM Spring Applied Multi Disc Brakes KMB KLB
Marine Pod Thruster

A leading global manufacturer of marine propulsion systems needed a compact braking solution for its podded drives. With strut-mounted propellers, the electric motor powered thruster pods can be rotated a full 360 degrees to provide maximum vessel maneuverability, especially when docking. Single and dual propeller azimuth pods are installed on a wide range of vessels including cruise ships, freighters and container ships.

The brakes are needed to lock the propeller shaft during maintenance to protect workers and equipment. The brakes are also engaged to prevent the propeller from rotating due to current flow during a harbor stop or while at sea.

Stromag engineers worked closely with the OEM to design a custom holding brake solution for this unique application. Ultimately, Stromag delivered modified KMB hydraulically released, spring-applied multi-disc brakes. All brake components were adapted to meet the challenging braking requirements. The brakes are installed on the pod’s nacelle, which is positioned within the vessel’s hull.

KMB Series multi-disc brakes provide large braking force in a small footprint. Models are available with transmittable torques from 100 to 130,000 Nm (73 to 95,883 ft.lbs.). Various friction linings with different properties are offered to meet specific application requirements.

Stromag KMB Brakes

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  • Custom modified
    hydraulically released,
    spring-applied multi-disc brakes design
  • Compact footprint
  • High torque-to-size ratio
  • Torque range:
    100 to 130,000 Nm
    (73 to 95,883 ft.lbs.)
  • Various friction linings available
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