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Stromag SH18 Brakes for Offshore Drilling Rig BOP Winch

May 9, 2019 Crane & Hoist Oil and Gas
Offshore Drilling Rig BOP Winch

A leading crane OEM required caliper brakes for blowout preventer (BOP) winches utilized on offshore drilling rigs. The overhead cranes raise, lower and store the large, heavy BOP stacks comprised of a series of high-pressure valves. The crane’s winch travels along the top of two parallel beams. The brakes provide emergency stopping and holding of the load in the case of a power failure. Multiple caliper brakes act on a disc flange-mounted directly to the winch’s cable drum.

To meet the emergency braking requirements, Stromag supplied Model SH18 hydraulic caliper disc brakes with 180 kN of dynamic braking force. The spring actuated, hydraulically-released brakes feature lining wear indicators and opening proving switches. All SH Series brakes are ATEX certified and have DNV, ABS and Lloyd’s Register type approval certificates for oil and gas applications.

Stromag SH18 Brakes

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  • Model SH18 spring actuated, hydraulically- released disc brakes
  • Emergency braking functionality
  • 180 kN of dynamic braking force
  • Type approval certificate: DNV, ABS and Lloyd’s Register
  • ATEX certified
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