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Periflex® VN Coupling for Crawler Dozer

July 23, 2018
Crawler Dozer

A major global construction equipment manufacturer needed a coupling solution for its largest bulldozer. The massive 24-ton, 214 HP machine features a 135 in. wide blade and can be used for heavy dozing as well as fine grading. The coupling connects the main diesel engine to the hydraulic pump that powers the propulsion tracks and all the hydraulic cylinders that provide blade lift, angle and tilt functionality.

To meet the challenging application requirements, Stromag supplied Periflex® VN (PVN) disc couplings, which eliminated the torsional vibrations associated with a broad engine speed range. The PVN 350 units supplied feature a maximum torque of 3,000 Nm (2,212 lb.ft.).

Stromag’s PVN plug-in, highly flexible elastomer disc couplings feature a linear rigidity characteristic that maintains the same stiffness regardless of torque input, which is ideal for diesel engine drives. Its plug-in design provides significant installation advantages, particularly for close-coupled applications, by offering blind-fit assembly where a gearbox bellhousing is mounted directly to the engine bellhousing without access to the flywheel or gearbox input shaft.

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