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Stromag Series 51 Geared Cam Limit Switches for High-Speed Commercial Overhead Doors

May 30, 2017 Series 51
High Speed Overhead Door

Many of the commercial overhead doors on the market today move up and down at very high speeds of more than 100"/sec. Limit switches are required to ensure that the doors open fully for access and close completely for proper sealing. Overhead door manufacturers prefer to use rotary limit switches on these door applications due to their easily adjustable, precise stopping points.

Durable Stromag limit switches are a popular choice for these types of commercial doors because they are able to handle high drive speeds and frequent stops. The switches also act as a safety feature. Without a limit switch, an overhead door cannot function properly causing potential damage to the door, material and equipment. Easy-to-use limit switches are typically the first choice for operation and maintenance personnel, compared to more complicated electronic controls.

The Stromag Series 51 limit switch, with a planetary gear and modular principle, is the perfect solution for use on commercial overhead doors, including high-speed applications. The switch provides a wide range of gear ratios (up 16,000 turns), a large number of switching contacts, and easily adjustable cam discs. The combination of these features significantly improves the quality and handling of the door.

The Series 51 limit switch is available with different environmental protected housings (including IP 66). Units are available with plastic or metal housings. Stromag limit switches can be provided with integrated electronics and can be customized to meet more advanced application requirements.

Stromag Series 51 Geared Cam Limit Switches

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  • Precise stopping of fast-moving doors
  • Multiple gear ratios from 4.1:1 up to 16,000:1
  • Easily adjustable limits using separate adjustment screws for each contact
  • No loss of switching point due to form fit connections
  • Standard IP 65 or IP 66 enclosures
  • Complies with CE, UL and CSA International standards
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