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Periflex® TT/-NA Shaft Couplings | Stromag

Highly flexible rubber-fabric couplings compensating for shaft displacements; shaft-shaft, flange-shaft for radial, axial, and angular displacements

Stromag Periflex® shaft couplings are designed specifically for use in steel mills, high capacity cranes, and roller conveyor drives. Other application fields are general machinery; the building machinery, mining, and paper machinery industries; shipbuilding; and plant construction.


  • Highly flexible rubber-fabric couplings
  • Torque range 25-15,000 Nm
  • Precise workmanship for long service life
  • ATEX certification
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  • (A4) Highly Flexible Couplings for Cardan Shafts

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Stromag Periflex TT NA Coupling