Reliability on the highest level:

Maximum reliability, responsibility for the environment and people: integrated quality, environmental, Occupational health and safety and energy management system

As an engineering partner to our customers, we make an important contribution to the competiveness of their products. We constantly strive to ensure the highest quality and work continuously to improve our products, procedures and capabilities to meet the expectations of our customers and social requirements. Our quality management system focuses on the prevention of faults by early identification and elimination of potential defects. All departments and employees are included in this quality development process. We assume responsibility for the protection of our environment and for that of future generations. We are aware that all activities relating to the development, manufacture, distribution and use of our products have a direct or indirect influence on the environment. For this reason, on-going measures are developed for the reduction of environmental impacts for both activities at our production locations as well as during use at customers.

Our aim is to conserve resources, keep waste and emissions to a minimum as far as possible and use materials and energy efficiently. For us, Occupational health and safety have the highest priority. We want our employees to leave our company as healthy as they were when they entered it. Near misses and accidents are effectively and permanently prevented by adequate technical, organisational and personnel measures. Our employees are regularly informed and trained in quality, environmental protection, Occupational health and safety and energy efficiency. The integrated management system of Stromag GmbH complies with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.

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