We can also safeguard your professional drive: welcome to the leader of innovation for drive technology

There is a special fascination about powerful motors. Yet powerful motors need a powerful drive, and that often comes from us. We are the specialist for clutches and brakes, highly flexible couplings, discs, and gear limit switches. Our customers manufacture e.g. gears for agricultural and construction machinery and diesel gensets for marine drives, or operate on the sectors for crane and conveyor technologies, renewable energies, etc. And they appreciate above all our flexibility, reliability, and power of innovation. For instance, we are developing and producing today innovative products that provide a sustainable contribution towards the protection of resources.

Do you too find it exciting to develop new technologies and to collaborate with leading equipment manufacturers in the capital goods industries? Then we look forward to welcoming you to our circle of 900 colleagues worldwide. With a diverse range of prospects and development potential, we can safeguard your professional drive as well.

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