• 2 in 1 feature coupling clutch
    2in1 Coupling/Clutch
    Combination Assemblies

    Unique, pre-engineered combinations
    replace the need for expensive
    custom solutions

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    Stromag 2 in 1
  • Crane Brakes
    Disc Brakes

    Our industrial disc brakes present convincing advantages
    in the form of large and unvarying braking torques,
    little maintenance and storage work, low space
    requirements, and very short, stable engaging times.

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    Hydraulic Brake Caliper
  • Guaridan Off Highway Market Banner
    Off-highway drives with
    high power density in minimum
    installation space

    Off-Highway drives demand the optimal
    reliability and perfection in design, particularly
    from clutches and brakes.

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  • Stromag Wind Turbine Brakes
    Wind Turbine

    Reliability in wind and weather:
    disc brakes and limit switches for
    wind turbine generators

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  • Metals Market Nuttall
    Product Solutions for
    the Metals Market

    Robust solutions for a robust
    environment: clutches, brakes, and limit switches
    for the metal industry

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With a focus on engineering for efficiency, Stromag couplings, clutches, brakes and limit switches provide superior performance on a wide range of industrial applications around the world.

Founded in 1932, Stromag has grown to become a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacture of innovative power transmission components for industrial drivetrain applications. Stromag engineers utilize the latest design technologies and materials to provide creative, energy-efficient solutions that meet their customer’s most challenging requirements.

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