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The growing integration of different drive forms in drive trains (hybrid technologies) and the development of low-consumption drives require the activation and deactivation of diverse subassemblies. They also require clutches with low consumption and an excellent torque to space ratio that can disengage quasi free from residual torque. Electromagnetic pole-face friction clutches are ideal for activating auxiliary units in agricultural machinery, municipal vehicles, and textile machinery and for compressor drives in cooling units, laundry machinery, test rigs, and PTO drives.

Product Features

  • Torque 7-7800 Nm
  • Electromagnetically operated for clean, simple actuation
  • Four-pole technology for high power density
  • Small dimensions
  • High switching frequency
  • Short switching times
  • Fixed and wear free power transmission without slip ring
  • Diaphragm technology for torque transmission free from backlash and disengagement free from residual torque
  • Low idling torque
  • Diaphragms for low axial restoring forces
  • Steel-steel friction combination, hardened for high wear resistance

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